Energy Healing

Energy Healing sessions are one-on-one sessions designed to work at several different levels, depending upon your needs. They are based on the idea you have an energy field that surrounds your physical body. It is the energetic blueprint for the architecture of your mental and physical health. By clearing this energy body, or your soul, from the Imprints and distortions that are creating illness, your mental stability returns, and you thrive physically. Energy Medicine Healing uses ancient energetic healing techniques to clear these distortions from your soul, restoring it to a healed state.

What to expect
The first part of the session feels like more traditional therapy, yet the goal is a bit different. We’ll talk about the challenges, patterns, and issues showing up most strongly in your life. What is troubling you? What is holding you back? From the past or in the present? What would you like to do differently? What would you like to change?

Next, we’ll choose a stone from my medicine bundle, which will be your healing ally. This stone can draw heavy energies out of your field or transfer light energies into it.

At this point, you’ll transition to a comfortable reclining position and for the duration of the energy healing component of the session, you relax and breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth while imagining that you are inhaling the light and healing energies available in the room and exhaling the heavy energies in yourself.

I use a variety of tools and methods to move and remove heavy energy: most importantly we will be doing a very specific kind of breathwork throughout the session that allows stuck energy to move through the chakras. I also use a crystal, my hands, feather fans, the natural movement of sound (rattling, drumming, singing, whistling), visualization, the sweet smoke of smudge bundles (locally sourced and wild-crafted by yours truly).

Once the energy medicine portion of the session is complete, you and I review what we both saw, felt, sensed, and heard, what was cleared out, and the soul gifts, soul parts, new soul contracts, and higher destinies brought back and seeded into your Light Body. In this way, you leave not only with a clear and clean Light Body, but you have a renewed sense of purpose and intention for your life ahead. We then ground these shifts by giving homework, when appropriate, that creates and strengthens new neuropathways in your brain. We find ways to redirect your life at all levels. As you relax into your shifts you begin to think differently, and your perceptions change. As you shift the vibration of your conscious energetic being, you extract yourself from the struggle of a life of fate and draw to yourself a life guided by Destiny.


60-minute session: $150

90-minute session: $175

*  *  *  *  *

My Story

20 years ago, I traveled to Costa Rica during a very difficult time in my life, following the death of a dear loved one and the end of a relationship. While the rainforest and the ocean soothed my aching soul, a local family who I stayed with introduced me to a shaman named Don Augusto. My experience with him was deeply transformative and made a lasting impression. Although I only spent one day with him, the healing work we did together was profound. I didn’t really understand at the time all that was happening but as he worked on me (clearing away years of pain held in my body and bringing back pieces I had lost) I felt lighter and more myself. Although I was still years away from unearthing/realizing my own capacity/gifts as a healer, the shifts that occurred in my life as a result of that one encounter changed my life course and set me down the path I walk today.

When our work together was ending, Augusto took me deep into the rainforest and together we planted two trees. One for my loved one who passed and one for my young son back at home. Infused with the great love I felt for them both, I offered up prayers for each of their spirits and offered my intention of healing the Earth with this gift. I left Augusto and Costa Rica lighter and forever changed.

Two decades after my experience with Augusto in Costa Rica, I was walking my dog around the greenbelt in Austin one summer morning and caught out of the corner of my eye the silhouette of a small woman and a giant dog standing at the top of a hill, their outlines backlit by the bright morning sun. I felt a chill run through my body and although we had never met I knew she would be my teacher. The woman was Christina Allen, the Founder of the Austin Shamanic Center and a powerful healer and teacher. Again, my life was about to change. For two years, I studied with Christina while receiving my own healing sessions from her. Christina trained in the traditions of the Q’ero, an unbroken lineage of energy healing for thousands of years all in service to Pachamama (Mother Earth). Many of the metaphors of healing are done through connection with nature as a way to connect with spirit. From the first day, I felt like I was finally home. The language spoken was one already known deep in my own heart.

*  *  *  *  *

I offer this service that has so profoundly changed me, with the deepest respect for the indigenous peoples who share their knowledge, particularly during the current global crisis and time of need. It is out of this deep reverence that I made the conscious choice to not carry the label of Shaman for myself.  I offer these gifts to you as a seeker and practitioner, in the hopes that you will find the peace in your soul that is waiting for you.

“Forget not that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
~Kahlil Gibran