Nature Based Therapy

Nature Based Healing (Ecotherapy) is more than just a psychotherapy session in a beautiful natural setting. It is a way to reconnect to your own true nature and reclaim your inner wisdom and resources.

“Eco” is derived from the Greek word for “home” or “house”.  Ecotherapy practices focus on the ability to come home and be fully welcomed BOTH in the house of your body and in the larger house of the environment around you. The feeling of not being fully rooted in either of these bodies is an epidemic that affects many people today. The nature-based tools you will learn help to restore your inner balance and empower you to deal more effectively with specific issues in your life.

Based on my somatic training, earth-based spiritual practices, embodied movement training, ecotherapy and herbalism training, these sessions can include earth-based mindfulness practices, ritual and ceremony, sensory awareness exercises and guided inner journey work, and personalized sacred movement. We can do some of the same healing/restorative work we do indoors but in a setting that utilizes the resources of the elements gathered around us. I can weave in basic information about the local flora and fauna if the client is interested. There is a lot of room here to honor what reveals itself to be the most healing pathway in the moment. Holding it all are the land and sky and sun and streams as we work in the sanctuary of nature.

The flow of an NBT session:  Each session is designed with your individual needs in mind and will begin by taking a few moments to arrive, both into your body and into the physical space. We do this together by slowing down and tuning into the breath, inner sensations, and feelings that might already be present. We also tune into the physical space by becoming aware of the senses: what you see, hear, smell, what you might feel drawn to touch or even taste. Typically, a theme for the session evolves through our exploration of meditation and movement or through discussion/inquiry. We will stay attuned to what gets your attention, where your curiosity wants to take you, as well as what you begin to sense and hear as you tune in to what nature has to say. We may make art in nature  or we might  journal or draw or find expression through movement. Over time, you will reconnect to your inner nature and will become accustomed to integrating the healing power of the natural world into your daily life.


60-minute session: $150

90-minute session: $175

Location: All nature-based healing sessions will take place outdoors. Currently, most sessions are held at Bull Creek Greenbelt proximal to my office. I am always scouting out new locations that I feel my clients would enjoy. Please contact me to tell me more about what you are seeking – and let me know if you are open to suggestions.

“We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So that when we say that we’ve lost our connection to nature we’ve lost our connection to ourselves”.

~Andy Goldsworthy