Through movement, we remember that our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free!

WISE: Inspired by the wisdom of Yoga. 

WILD: The creative expression in dance.

FREE: The freedom to feel pleasure in the body through  feminine, sensual movement.

Your body is your sacred ally and a powerful portal for healing! I’ve been attending Qoya classes for a few years now, and this practice has been an essential part of  reconnecting to my own true nature. Each time, I leave a little more in my body. I walk a little bit taller..more confident and more myself.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I wanted to bring the wisdom and magic of Qoya into my practice by becoming a a Qoya instructor.  Movement has always been elemental for me, but the freedom and the form of Qoya gives me a unique and consistent way to get in touch with the real embodied me. I come back to the sweetness of Qoya again and again for the joy of it, but also because it’s part of the deeper inner work. Right now, all women need sacred movement to realize their own divine embodied truth.

All women need Qoya.

YES. I’m SOLD! but What is Qoya?

Qoya is a system of sacred, feminine movement that is both spontaneous and structured. A 90 min class includes elements of yoga, meditation, and free movement. Each session offers you the chance to reconnect with your own wild, free spirit.

Come to Qoya and find yourself within a beautiful, welcoming community.

Come to Qoya to experience how your body can be your most powerful portal to healing and authentic expression.

Qoya is a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember. Qoya offers each of us a beautiful container for creating a sacred relationship with our own true essence.

Schedule: Contact me to be added to my mailing list regarding upcoming classes!


Single class drop-in: $20

4 class pass: $60

Benefits of Qoya

• feel more open and comfortable in your body
• get in touch with your true essence
• develop a sense of connection with other women
• open up to your sensuality
• expand the pleasure of being in your body
• work through and feel emotions through movement

Who is Qoya for?

Women of all ages body types and and levels of movement experience are welcome and encouraged to dance with us.
As Qoya creator Rochelle Schieck says, “If it feels good, you know you’re doing it right.”

What you will need:
• a yoga mat
• comfortable clothes that are good for moving and stretching
• a water bottle
• a notebook and pen


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”