I have had some of the most amazing and cathartic experiences during my work with Deirdre.  In the past, I have worked with people who only provided traditional talk therapy, which is fine. Deirdre’s holistic approach and eclectic list of expertise have elevated my work and helped me to heal on multiple levels; mind, body, and spirit. Our Hakomi sessions helped me to reconnect with my body. I was able to start mending old spiritual wounds in our Shamanic work. Throughout it all, she was able to use traditional talk therapy to help me process my experiences. Growth in all directions is great! 
I felt comfortable with Deirdre right from the start. Hakomi is wonderful, deep work that I couldn’t have done with just anyone. Deirdre has an ease and energy that allowed for me to feel vulnerable without fear. She is an intuitive and empathic healer who is meant to be doing this work. I have grown so many levels due to the Hakomi/Energy/Shamanic healing I experienced with Deirdre. So thankful for her!
My sessions with Deirdre are always transformative.  Her heart is open and I feel safe, able to let go and trust the process.  She oozes love and acceptance ~ it’s easy to work with her!  One of my largest shifts after working with Deirdre was my relationship with my Mom ~ HUGE for me and I am so grateful!  My perspective changed, my stories dropped, my go-to unconscious reactions were observable and I started choosing differently….ahhh…freeing.