Returning the Gift

We are showered every day with the gifts of the Earth, gifts we have neither earned nor paid for: the air we breathe, the rain that nurtures us, the soil that nourishes us, and the trees…oh the trees that make our life possible.

Though the Earth provides us with all that we need, we have become a consumption driven economy that asks “What more can we take from the Earth?” and almost never “What does the Earth ask of us in return?”

My offering of gratitude feels so small in some ways but in another way it also feels like powerful medicine because it implies recognition, not only of the gift but of the giver. It makes my heart swell to offer my gratitude to the Earth because it provides an opening for reciprocity…the art of giving back.

It is just a start and I intend to keep expanding this gift as I learn and grow in my ability to discern how to live in reciprocity and ever growing devotion to our Mother.

I am partnering with One Tree Planted for a personal, ongoing Return the Gift project.

I will donate $1 for every session or product purchased to One Tree Planted. (For every dollar donated a tree gets planted. Just like that. Every time you work with me, a tree is planted)

I am also becoming a Tree Ambassador where I will not only be fund raising for international tree planting projects, but I will also be hosting a tree planting day where you can get your hands in the dirt and help me plant trees locally. Stay tuned!

More info and opportunities to serve our global community coming soon!